For Support Coordinators

We're here to make your job easier

We can assist Support Coordinators in servicing their clients and helping them achieve their goals.

Below are some examples of the services we can provide to you, their Support Coordinator:

Client Portal - We offer Support Coordinators access to their client's information via a portal. This allows you to view available budgets in real time and also view historical invoices that have been paid or rejected. This is provided upon consent by the participant.

The Client Portal can be accessed via the "Portal Login" button above.

** Please note you will require your login details which will be provided to you once access is granted by your participant's.

At Click Plan Management our systems allow us to allocate funds specifically in line with service agreements in place with providers. For your convenience we have included a link above to complete the "Support Coordinator - Allocated Budget Notification Form", this will be lodged directly with our office and updated onto our system once received. When you have access to the Client Portal you will be able to monitor spending against these specific allocated budgets.
Click Plan Management can provide you with up to date information of providers claiming against each support category within your client’s plan
At the Click of a button we can generate detailed reports showing your client’s itemised expenditure history, upon request.
At Click Plan Management we can give reassurance to you and your client’s that their approved accounts are consistently paid to providers within 2-7 business days on valid claims. This creates less time for you having to chase up outstanding provider payments for your participants

If you believe that plan management is the best option for your client please talk to their NDIA planner or their Local Area Coordinator (LAC) who will be able to assist you to have this included in their plan.

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