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We ensure you receive prompt payment

At Click Plan Management we guarantee prompt payment of participant’s approved accounts within 2 days.

In order for us to process your invoices promptly there are just a couple of simple steps that you, their provider, need to undertake:


Please find below our Information for Providers Form/Invoice Template. This document provides all the information you require to work with Click Plan Management. It explains where to send your invoices, what your invoice should contain and how to communicate with us to ensure prompt processing of your accounts.

Information for Providers Form/Invoice Template.pdf


Please email your invoices directly to, this is a dedicated mailbox to handle invoices from providers only and will ensure a speedy response time on your invoices being received and processed.


Submitting requests for Allocated Budgets. Please follow the link below to lodge details of your service agreement that you have in place with your participant that is plan managed by Click Plan Management.

Please take the time to carefully complete all the required fields on the form, this will ensure that the allocated budgets are assigned correctly.

Provider Allocated Budget Request

As you are aware, due to privacy Click Plan Management is unable to inform providers directly regarding participant funding information, Click will liaise with the participant or their representative accordingly.  Further, whilst Click will endeavour to support the participant or their representative to effectively manage their budgets, there are many variables outside our control that can impact the availability of funds. Therefore, Click makes no guarantee regarding the availability of funds noted in the service/funding agreement.


We provide concise service provider directory listings to our participants based on their geographical location and service needs. If you would like to be included within our directory, please follow the link below to provide us with your business details, areas serviced and the type of services you provide. If you have any queries regarding this service please let us know!

Service Provider Directory - Entry Form

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